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Syncarpha Capital is a New York based private equity firm dedicated to developing, owning and operating commercial and utility scale photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems throughout the United States and Canada. Co-founded by Cliff Chapman and Richard Turnure, the firm was launched to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities in the alternative energy sector and to create a vehicle for investing in assets with long duration, excellent credit quality and high risk adjusted returns.



At Syncarpha Capital, our goal is to remove the roadblocks to widespread adoption of solar energy by utilities and commercial and government electricity buyers - as well as residential customers through our new community solar offerings.

With our private equity fund focused on the solar industry, we work with organizations like yours to finance and build on-site solar systems that will reduce your energy costs from day one.

With Syncarpha Capital, the Solar Opportunity is a Financial Opportunity.


  • Solar projects have long-term contracted revenue streams with creditworthy counterparties, limited operating risk, zero input cost and levered IRRs of 11-15%.
  • Returns are uncorrelated with broader capital markets.
  • Rapidly declining installation costs of solar facilities make solar more competitive with other sources of energy.
  • Concerns over energy security will fuel growth in North America.
  • Distributed generation model offers customers on-site electricity and eliminates transmission and distribution charges.
  • U.S. Market expanding at a CAGR of 29% from 2012-2020—from 4 gigawatts (GW) ($16B) today to 30 GW ($90B) by 2020*.
  • Individual state policymaking creates demand while limiting single event regulatory risk.


  • Strong expertise in the value chain of financing and building solar projects allows Syncarpha to step in at any point to help developers structure solar projects.
  • Syncarpha can work with existing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or create standard PPA documentation that applies to a developer's specific site.
  • Co-development expertise for installers, real-estate professionals, EPC contractors, and engineers. 


  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) make going solar easier for electricity buyers by eliminating upfront costs and energy price volatility. 
  • Long-term, locked-in utility savings.
  • Sustainable energy with no capital investment. Protection from future price volatility. 



  • Diversify electricity generation while reducing grid congestion.
  • Satisfy state Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).
  • Making the grid more reliable for yourself and the grid as a whole.


  • Solar power enhances an organization's green public image. 
  • Solar power greatly reduces greenhouse gases associated with conventional power generation.
  • Green products often sell at a premium due to growing public awareness about the importance of sustainability.
  • Renewable energy at competitive prices makes commercial buildings more appealing to buyers and tenants.