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Syncarpha Capital is a New York based private equity firm dedicated to developing, owning and operating commercial and utility scale photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems throughout the United States and Canada. Co-founded by Cliff Chapman and Richard Turnure, the firm was launched to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities in the alternative energy sector and to create a vehicle for investing in assets with long duration, excellent credit quality and high risk adjusted returns.

Project Process

We take a flexible approach to structuring solar projects. We can provide financing through a  Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) without involvement in the actual construction of the solar system.

We can also orchestrate the entire process, working closely with solar developers and installer partners. Our extensive relationships up and down the supply chain ensure a high quality installation that meets or exceeds client expectations and all industry standards.

  • Project Evaluation: We analyze your site and your organization’s unique power needs, load profiles and goals for the installation. Every project is different, customized to the client’s specific needs.

  • Financing: Once feasibility is determined, we structure a PPA that meets the unique needs of our customer and our financial partners. Our total solution provides financing to build, operate and maintain your system. Your only cost is for the power generated, at an attractive predetermined price specified in your PPA.

  • Detailed Planning: In partnership with an experienced developer, solar integrator or EPC contractor, we work with solar engineers to create detailed construction plans, procure solar panels and other equipment, secure permits and plan logistics.

  • Installation: Our EPC contractors install and test the solar array and all system wiring and equipment. This typically occurs over an 8-12 week period, with no disruption in your electrical service.

  • Inspection and Start-Up: Before becoming operational, the system is rigorously tested, inspected and then certified by the local power utility, the building owner and other vested parties. You start saving as soon as the system goes live.

  • Monitoring and Maintenance: The system is monitored and maintained to ensure optimized performance over the entire contract period.