Project Acquisition

Syncarpha has a significant track record of acquiring projects at all stages of development and plans to leverage this experience and continue building its acquisition capabilities to drive additional growth.

Project Acquisition Strategy

Acquire projects under development in new or existing markets.

Acquire distressed assets and repower by leveraging our unique and diverse development capabilities.

Acquire existing solar projects well suited to adding storage.

Continue to leverage development partnerships formed over the last decade to grow existing and enter new markets.

Project Acquisition Expertise

Syncarpha has experience buying projects at all stages of development.

Syncarpha has acquired over 17 projects, totaling 53 MW.

We have the ability to negotiate transactions quickly and close under short time frames, both essential elements to successful acquisitions.

Due to our reputation and long track record, Syncarpha has a growing list of acquisition prospects and partners and always looking to add more.