Towns & Municipalities

At Syncarpha, we believe in the power of solar energy to transform communities, reduce environmental impact, and generate significant savings for towns and municipalities across the United States and Canada. As a leading investor, owner, and operator of commercial and utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar energy systems, we are your trusted, full-service partner in navigating the transition to renewable energy.

Why Partner With Syncarpha?

Transforming Communities With Renewable Energy

Syncarpha offers a variety of clean energy solar options depending on your needs. If you want to host a solar project in your town or if you’d like to participate in a community solar project and would prefer to purchase clean energy, we have the development capabilities to assist you.

Expertise & Experience

Syncarpha has successfully developed, owned, and operated solar energy systems of all sizes. Our deep understanding of the solar market, regulatory landscape, and technical requirements ensures that your project is in capable hands for the project's lifetime.

Tailored Solutions

Syncarpha offers customized solar solutions designed to maximize benefits for your town or municipality's unique needs and challenges. From capped landfills to underutilized spaces, we specialize in turning challenging sites into productive solar assets.

Financial Benefits

Our partnership model is designed to maximize economic benefits to communities.With Syncarpha, towns and municipalities can enjoy reduced energy costs, new revenue streams from underutilized lands, and significant savings for local taxpayers.

Sustainability & Independence

Solar energy projects contribute to a cleaner, sustainable future and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. By choosing solar, your community can take a significant step towards energy independence and environmental stewardship.

Development Case Study

Town Of North Adams, MA Goes 100% Solar Powered

The City of North Adams, located in Berkshire County, recognized the potential of utilizing its capped, former landfill for sustainable energy generation. This initiative aimed to transition the city towards renewable energy, specifically to make the city 100 percent solar-powered. Syncarpha Capital identified this as a prime opportunity to demonstrate its capability in transforming underutilized land into a valuable renewable energy resource. The project was aligned with local and state government objectives to increase solar energy adoption, supported by policies to encourage renewable energy investments.

The development of the North Adams solar project was a collaborative effort involving Syncarpha Capital, local government officials, and Borrego Solar. The project featured a 3.5 MW solar array alongside two additional 650 kW systems, covering 14 acres of the city’s capped landfill. Syncarpha Capital entered into a 20-year agreement with the city, providing power at a low, set cost, which was a significant factor in the project’s viability and sustainability. The leasing arrangement with Borrego Solar, which involves a $12,000 annual payment for the land, was crucial for the financial structuring of the project. The development also benefited from Massachusetts’ supportive solar policies, including net metering, which allows for electricity generated by solar arrays to be sold back to the grid.

The completion of the North Adams solar project marked a significant milestone for the city and Syncarpha Capital, showcasing the potential of solar energy in municipal settings. The project is expected to save local taxpayers $400,000 a year by offsetting all the power used by the city’s municipal buildings and infrastructure. This outcome not only demonstrates financial savings but also advances the city’s goal of becoming 100 percent solar-powered, contributing to the broader objectives of environmental sustainability and energy independence. Additionally, the project aligns with Massachusetts’ goal of expanding its solar capacity, supporting the state’s aim to reach 1,600 megawatts of solar by 2020.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Town of North Adams to provide an economically beneficial, renewable solution to their energy needs, and we look forward to operating and managing the project on the town’s behalf going forward. This project is one example of our ongoing strategy and commitment to helping communities, companies, and consumers implement renewable energy solutions designed to realize tangible economic benefits.”

Cliff Chapman | Co-Founder & CEO, Syncarpha Capital