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Towns & Municipalities

Syncarpha offers a variety of clean energy solar options depending on your needs. If you want to host a solar project in your town or if you’d like to participate in a community solar project and would prefer to purchase clean energy, we have the development capabilities to assist you.

Case Study: North Adams, MA

Syncarpha was an early mover in the Massachusetts SMART program and recently completed four notable solar plus storage projects located at adjacent sites in Northbridge, MA

▪ MA SMART is the third program in MA; site selection was critical as many substations and distribution lines were full from SREC I and II projects
▪ Syncarpha targeted open substations using proprietary tools developed from publicly available data regarding substation and distribution line capacity
▪ Syncarpha’s team identified four large parcels in Northbridge, Massachusetts, which were adjacent to two open substations and two open feeders