Our Story

Syncarpha Capital was founded in 2009 by Cliff Chapman and Richard Turnure to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities in the alternative energy sector and to create a vehicle for investing in assets with long duration, excellent credit quality, and high-risk adjusted returns.

About Syncarpha

Early Mover In Emerging Renewable Energy Markets

Syncarpha’s first projects were in New Jersey with a focus on markets with net metering, followed by development efforts in other Northeast markets such as Massachusetts SREC I program.

In addition to its development efforts in the Northeast in the 2010-2016 timeframe, Syncarpha ventured into new markets, including Nevada, Arizona, South Carolina and New York. Syncarpha partnered with smaller local developers, providing insight into local market dynamics and enabling the Company to better develop projects on its own in the future.

Syncarpha has primarily focused on distributed generation projects, with an emphasis on virtual net metered projects Community solar has been a particular area of focus over the last five years as these programs have become more prevalent and is expected to be a major driver of future volume.

Company Timeline

Syncarpha began developing projects in 2009 with a focus on markets with net metering. The company’s first project was at the New York Jets practice facility in New Jersey, followed by development efforts in other Northeast markets such as the Massachusetts SREC I program.

  • Operational on a 6-site PV/solar thermal project at the University of Arizona
  • Syncarpha raised first tax equity investment from US Bank
  • Sold 3 projects (total of 11MW) in Massachusetts

Syncarpha received $100m commitment from Family Office. First Massachusetts projects reaches COD. Pacolet joined Syncarpha in first solar sponsor co-investment in Dartmouth project.

Partnering with smaller local developers, Syncarpha exceeded 25 MW deployed across 10 projects by 2014 and began its first projects in Massachusetts.

  • Fourth US Bank Tax Equity Raise
  • Cumulative MW deployed exceeds 85 MW across 27 projects


Syncarpha entered a partnership with Engie on a 19 MW solar plus storage portfolio in MA SMART program. Community solar has been a particular area of focus over the last five years. Also completed fifth US Bank Tax Equity Raise.

  • Opened 3 additional offices in Morristown, NJ, Radnor, PA and Boston, MA
  • Syncarpha and Rosemawr closed an initial $100M financing partnership to deploy solar and solar plus storage projects in Massachusetts and elsewhere in New England
  • Received a capital investment from Pacolet to accelerate the scaling of renewable energy and storage platform in order to meet the growing clean power needs in North America
  • Syncarpha has developed/acquired or is currently under construction with 46 projects totaling 181+ MW across 11 states
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What the experts are saying about us

    Josh Herlands

    Managing Partner at Rosemawr Sustainable Infrastructure Management

    "Syncarpha is a longstanding, proven project developer, sponsor, and operator with industry-leading expertise in shared community solar projects, including customer acquisition and management. We are excited to help bring this portfolio to fruition as we continue to execute on our sustainable infrastructure investment deployment strategy with best in-class development and operating partners such as Syncarpha."

      David Mayer

      Gloucester Township Mayor

      "We are extremely excited to break ground on the GEMS Solar Park. This joint project with Syncarpha Capital will bring about 4.5 MW of clean sustainable energy produced in Gloucester Township. I'm thrilled to see what had been one-of-the-worst-polluted superfund sites in the country in the 1980s becoming the shining beacon of renewable energy source in our town."

        Billy Ludt

        Associate editor of Solar Power World

        "Land arrangements like these will help Maine to achieve the Renewable Portfolio Standard goal of securing 100% of its energy from renewables by 2050."

        A Strong History Of Partnerships With Industry Leaders