Engineering & Construction Management

Syncarpha has generated strong portfolio operating performance to date through its disciplined and long term ownership approach to engineering and construction

  • Syncarpha performs in house layout optimization to maximize project returns

  • Syncarpha reviews all drawings and provides feedback to the EPC related to constructability, impacts on production/operations and design standards

  • Syncarpha’s internal technical expertise is also leveraged during development and operations
  • Given its deep understanding of the interconnection process and strong relationships with utilities, Syncarpha finds it most effective to drive the interconnection process

  • As the interconnection process is critical to a project’s broader development timeline, Syncarpha assigns a team member to oversee the process and proactively ensure all milestones are met

  • Syncarpha procures all major equipment (e.g. modules, racking and inverters) through its relationships with Tier 1 vendors.
  • Syncarpha has a detailed vetting process based on performance and testing standards set by industry recognized testing lab
  • Syncarpha has executed MSA’s with numerous Tier 1 equipment vendors that include favorable purchasing and warranty terms
  • Syncarpha selects EPCs based on a combination of existing relationships, qualifications and cost

  • Syncarpha has built relationships with several highly competent EPCs that it prefers to work with in specific markets and therefore can execute the EPC contract quickly

  • Syncarpha is heavily involved in the construction management of every project to ensure quality, budget, and schedule goals are met

  • Syncarpha has developed a PM framework coupled with internal tools to manage project execution

Syncarpha deploys rigorous design, engineering and construction management processes

Syncarpha oversees the entire design and construction process while partnering with experienced EPCs to drive project execution

Syncarpha manages the relationship with the local utility and drives the interconnection process

Each project undergoes a thorough review process to ensure quality

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