Syncarpha has a proven history of raising attractive financing for its assets with over $473 million of sponsor equity, debt and tax equity raised to date

  • Syncarpha has established relationships with some of the largest tax equity and debt investors across the U.S. including U.S. Bank and Capital One, National Cooperative Bank, Zions Bank, United Community Bank and the Rural Utility Service
    • The Company’s understanding and control of the development and construction processes allows it to deliver what is required by financing parties, building trust with counterparties over years of successful transactions
  • Syncarpha’s extensive internal legal capabilities drive efficient processes with financing counterparties and ensures that the Company obtains optimal terms in all legal documentation
  • Syncarpha has used a $20 million mini-perm facility to finance construction and a few years of operations as a tool for aggregating smaller projects
    • For larger portfolios, Syncarpha typically borrows construction debt and permanent debt from the same lender to drive efficient execution and minimize transaction costs

Key Financing Partners

▪ Syncarpha has partnered with Pacolet Milliken to construct over 122 MW across 27 projects 
▪ Syncarpha has raised an additional $79 million of sponsor equity for projects through other equity partnerships as well as project sales
▪ Syncarpha senior members have also
contributed $28 million of equity to select projects