Battery Storage

Syncarpha’s focus on battery energy storage systems (BESS) has increased substantially over the last few years, as new storage market opportunities have emerged and technologies have become more viable and cost-competitive.

Who We Are

Storing the Sun: Advanced Battery Storage Solutions

Battery storage is the key to a renewable-powered future, offering the ability to store excess solar energy during peak production times for use during demand spikes or when the sun isn’t shining. This not only enhances the efficiency and reliability of solar energy but also plays a crucial role in grid stabilization, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and minimizing carbon emissions. With Syncarpha’s battery storage capabilities, we’re building the infrastructure for a cleaner, more sustainable energy system.

Investment in battery storage projects will be required to enable increased renewable energy generation while maintaining a reliable power grid

Battery storage can participate in wholesale electricity markets to provide capacity and ancillary services

Syncarpha is actively looking for new markets to develop and acquire solar plus storage and standalone battery storage projects in

Case Study

Blandford Solar Plus Storage Project

In 2019, Syncarpha completed one of the first solar plus storage projects in the Massachusetts SMART program which was part of U.S. Bank’s first battery portfolio.

Faced with the ambition to spearhead a front-of-meter project integrated with wholesale energy markets and adhering to regulatory incentives, Syncarpha sought a specialist in energy storage to navigate due diligence and enrollment complexities. The objective was to ensure the energy storage system’s design and operation would optimize ROI, considering evolving market values.

Syncarpha partnered with STEM to tackle enrollment and deployment challenges head-on. STEM’s Athena software played a pivotal role, ensuring compliance with tax credits and the SMART Program, and enabling participation in the ISO New England wholesale energy markets.

The collaboration kick-started the Blandford project as part of a 28MWh solar plus storage portfolio in Massachusetts, managed by STEM. This effort aligns with the Massachusetts Clean Peak Standard, positioning energy storage as a key component in the state’s clean energy future by enhancing the value of solar development.

Blandford Battery Storage - Blandford - Syncarpha Capital - Massachusetts Community Solar Project - 2
Syncarpha & STEM - Bllandford solar plus storage project - BESS AC Rating: 3900 kW / 7864 kWh
syncarpha battery storage BESS
Syncarpha partnered with ENGIE for its Tewksbury solar plus storage project - BESS AC Rating: 2000 kW / 4000 kWh

Massachusetts: BESS

Syncarpha was an early leader in Massachusetts solar plus storage projects and operates its batteries to provide clean peak energy and maintain grid stability. The storage projects Syncarpha has completed all participate in the ISO New England wholesale market as well as operate under the Massachusetts SMART program and the Clean Peak program.

In ISO New England, storage projects can participate in the energy, capacity, reserves, and regulation markets.

Under the Massachusetts SMART program, solar plus storage projects receive a rate compensation adder in addition to wholesale market participation revenue.

Northbridge 1 & 2: BESS

Syncarpha negotiated bespoke, state-of-the-art equipment warranties and performance capacity guarantees that were financed by U.S. Bank and National Cooperative Bank. 

Daily operation, management of wholesale market participation, warranty compliance, and fulsome reporting for the battery systems are provided for 20 years by ENGIE and STEM respectively under negotiated service agreements.

Northbridge 1 BESS Storage
Syncarpha partnered with ENGIE for its Northbirdge 1 solar plus storage project - BESS AC Rating: 3000 kW / 6000 kWh
Syncarpha partnered with ENGIE for its Northbirdge 2 solar plus storage project - BESS AC Rating: 4000 kW / 8000 kWh