Syncarpha is actively seeking portfolio growth opportunities through strategic partnerships and additional equity deployment. Our focus lies on the community solar markets in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions with a DG project size between 1-20 MW.

Meadow Glen Syncarpha Capital solar project in Vermont

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At Syncarpha, we understand the intricate landscape of solar investments. We have successfully structured partnerships to deploy sponsor equity, tax equity, and debt, ensuring a balanced and strategic approach to financing our projects.

We’ve recently implemented a new structure to monetize tax credits, enabling the Company to take advantage of the emerging ITC transfer market created by the Inflation Reduction Act. With a keen eye on growth, we are actively seeking partnerships with developers in key markets to deploy additional equity.

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Partner With Us

What Sets Syncarpha Apart

Fully Vertically-Integrated Platform

Internal expertise across every stage of a project's lifecycle with an ability to acquire and manage CSS subscribers - LMI customers included.

Pioneer In DG Solar +Storage

Negotiated first-of-their-kind battery equipment warranties and performance capacity guarantees. Completed 1st solar + storage project under MA SMART in Eversource West and the 2nd in National Grid.

Robust Capital Sources

Significant track record partnering with lenders and investors to develop creative solutions to grow our portfolio in the DG space.

Construction Management Efficiencies

Internal construction management team heavily involved in the day-to-day construction process with strong relationships with leading EPC firms and Tier 1 equipment providers.

Community Solar Management Expertise

Extensive internal CS capabilities to acquire and manage customers. Deep experience in established and emerging markets coupled with a scalable platform.

Premier Asset Management Platform

Leading-edge technology to optimize returns for newer and aging solar plants combined with integrated in-house proprietary and external software programs.

Development Case Study

Northbridge, MA

Syncarpha was an early mover in the Massachusetts SMART program and recently completed four notable solar plus storage projects located at adjacent sites in Northbridge, MA

▪ MA SMART is the third solar incentive program in Massachusetts; site selection was critical as many substations and distribution lines were full from SREC I and II projects
▪ Syncarpha targeted open substations using proprietary tools developed from publicly available data regarding substation and distribution line capacity
▪ Syncarpha’s team identified four large parcels in Northbridge, MA adjacent to two open substations and two open feeders

▪ Obtained a regulatory exemption from the MA DOER to enable two adjacent sites to use two different substations
▪ Successfully petitioned the town to change its bylaws to enable large scale solar in a new overlay district
▪ Successfully negotiated PILOTS to provide guaranteed tax revenue to the town
▪ Cleared title defects dating back to the early 1800s using title forensics and bespoke title endorsements

▪ Built 28 MW of solar + storage under the MA SMART program
▪ The Northbridge and Puddon projects encapsulate Syncarpha’s integrated, experienced, and resourceful capabilities in developing state-of-the-art solar plus storage facilities

Syncarpha's four solar plus storage sites in Northbridge, MA totaling 29,414.25 kW