System Details

Total DC Rating

7 MW

Total AC Rating

5 MW

BESS AC Rating




Project Description

The Blandford project is a ground-mounted solar facility on approximately 75 acres of real property at Chester Road, Blandford, MA (County of Hampden). The project became operational in December 2019 and produces enough clean energy to power about 1,100 homes annually, equivalent to avoiding harmful CO2 emissions from 6.7 million pounds of coal burned.

Faced with the ambition to spearhead a front-of-meter project integrated with wholesale energy markets and adhering to regulatory incentives, Syncarpha partnered with STEM to tackle enrollment and deployment challenges head-on. STEM’s Athena software played a pivotal role, ensuring compliance with tax credits and the SMART Program, and enabling participation in the ISO New England wholesale energy markets.

The collaboration kick-started the Blandford project as part of a 28MWh solar plus storage portfolio in Massachusetts, managed by STEM. This effort aligns with the Massachusetts Clean Peak Standard, positioning energy storage as a key component in the state’s clean energy future by enhancing the value of solar development.

Interested In Subscribing To This Community Solar Project?

If you’re a Massachusetts resident receiving electricity from Eversource (Western MA), you may be eligible to subscribe to this community solar project.

Visit our community solar website to see if you qualify for renewable energy savings.