System Details

Total DC Rating

4.5 MW

Total AC Rating

3 MW

GEMS Landfill Project of the year Sycarpha Capital

Project Description

Every year the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) New Jersey Section recognizes and celebrates outstanding individuals and projects that have made significant contributions to the civil engineering industry in the State of New Jersey within the past calendar year. This year’s 2023 Project Of The Year Winner (<$10 Million) has been awarded to GEMS Landfill PV Solar Plant. The partners involved in this project:

Project Owner: Syncarpha Capital & Pacolet Milliken, LLC
Project Racking Solution: Terrasmart
Project EPC Contractor:
 CS Energy

The Gloucester Environmental Management Services (GEMS) Landfill covers 60 acres in Gloucester TownshipCamden County, New Jersey.

The PV Solar Facility covers 19 Acres at the GEMS Landfill site with a total DC capacity of 4,499 kWp and a 3 MW AC output. There is a “Cap” on the top areas of the landfill, the Cap is five (5) feet thick in total, it consists of two (2) feet of Clay, a 40-mil HDPE Liner, overlayed by a 12″ Drainage layer, 18″ of soil cover and 6″ of vegetated topsoil. The Landfill Cap must remain undisturbed. All Construction methods were designed to be non-intrusive to the soil cover and to be protective of the existing remedy.

After years of planning and permitting, construction began in December, 2021 and was completed in April, 2022. In addition to generating renewable energy, the long-planned project will contribute to Gloucester Township’s efforts to become more sustainable.