Palmer Airfield

System Details

Total DC Rating

6 MW

Total AC Rating

4.9 MW

Project Description

The Palmer Airfield, formerly the Palmer Municipal Airport in Palmer, MA, has been transformed into a 6MW brownfield solar installation, being the initial and largest brownfield project to qualify under the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) for the Massachusetts SREC II solar energy incentive program.

This development employs both central and string inverters, aiming to generate more than 7.4 million kWh annually. Operational since December 2015, the site represents a strategic shift from the earlier SREC I program, focusing on redeveloping brownfields and landfills.

“The Palmer Airfeld Solar Project provides an excellent example of the multiple benefts created by the fostering of renewable energy by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its implementation. Not only will multiple public sector entities benefit financially and directly from this project, but, in addition, underutilized remediated brownfield land will now be used to provide a positive environmental impact. Syncarpha and our development team partners are proud to be a part of this endeavor.”

The project brings multiple benefits: The Town of Palmer gains significant property tax revenue, while three public entities – Leicester, Spencer, and Worcester State University – secure considerable energy savings through net metering credits. Additionally, the landowner, JenJill LLC, benefits from a long-term ground lease, illustrating the project’s wide-reaching impact and alignment with Massachusetts’ renewable energy goals.