Palmer Landfill

System Details

Total DC Rating

5 MW

Total AC Rating

4 MW

Project Description

Syncarpha Capital, partnering with Borrego Solar Systems Inc. and Renewable Energy Massachusetts LLC (REM), proudly announces the completion of this 5 MW solar array situated on the capped landfill in the Town of Palmer, Massachusetts. This project, paralleling our successful Palmer Airfield installation, delivers clean energy and substantial energy savings through net metering credits to the Town of Andover, while Palmer benefits from lease payments and tax revenue.

“We at Syncarpha Capital are very pleased to partner with the Towns of Palmer and Andover in this exciting energy project. This project is creating tangible economic and environmental benefits for the towns involved and for Massachusetts. We continue to develop solar energy projects similar to this throughout Massachusetts and other states across the U.S., as well as seeking to acquire similar projects from other solar industry business partners.” – Cliff Chapman (Co-Founder & CEO, Syncarpha Capital)